Back to Hockey – or Have a go!

Well what a fine start to the season, we have had over 20 people sign up to the programme coming from all walks of life:

  1. Mums deciding to show their daughters how it is done!! (Yeah right!) (Anna, Charlie)
  2. Daughters joining in because mum is having a go – lets see who wins that one! (Lou?)
  3. Ladies who just want to see if they still have what it takes (and they have – in a big way!) (Lynn, Max, Emily, Sandra, Liz)
  4. …and a number of ladies who are just checking where they fit into the mix, looking to get fitter or frankly just want to HAVE A GO! (Chloe, Jo, Emma, Tash, Naomi, Nikki and heaps more)

So because everyone is doing soooooo fantastically well – we thought we should put our inaugural photo up.

If you want to join our band of Hockey Warriers then please go here

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