Coaching Philosophy

Haslemere Hockey club has several core coaching principles that we try and adhere to:

They are develop Participation which leads to Progression ultimately leading to Performance

To us the methodology behind this is:

  1. Participation
    1. Getting the children to make friends and enjoy themselves
  2. Progression
    1. Adding challenges to the games and activities so they feel a sense of achievement and self worth as they get better
  3. Performance
    1. The above leads to increased skills and a desire to succeed

To deliver all the above we follow England Hockey’s – “The Golden Thread” the tenets of which are:

  1. Fun – they must enjoy what they are doing and this is helped if you have friendships in the groups
  2. Loads of touches – Ensure that the games provide loads of ball contact
  3. Stretch – challenge them
  4. Make sure that your exercise looks something like the game so it is contextual and relatable
  5. Constant decision making – make them think 

So we try very hard to tick off all the above elements in our games and activities.

To deliver the above our coaches must exude Enthusiasm & Drive – their raison detre is to deliver the “funnest” session that they possibly can (regardless of weather).

To us it is far more about HOW YOU DELIVER THAN WHAT YOU DELIVER especially critical in the younger years.

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