We offer a wide range of membership levels/prices.


Membership Category Subs – Early Payment* Subs – Late Payment* Match Fees
Adult – Men £180 £190 £11
Adult – Women £180 £190 £7*
18-25 £95 £105 £6
Young Adult (U18 ) £95 £105 £6
GK with own kit £50 £60 As appropriate
Volunteer Coach
£110 £120 As appropriate
Occasional Player
(4 matches, NO training)
£50 £60 As appropriate
Back to Hockey
(NO matches)
£7 per training session N/A
Non-playing member £20 £30 N/A

*Ladies teams fund/prepare their own post match teas
**Contact Andrew Dodson if you would like to arrange staged payments.


Membership Category** Subs – Early Payment Subs – Late Payment Match Fees
Junior (U12-U16) £145 £155 £6*
Minis (U6-U10 inclusive) £120 £130 N/A
3rd or subsequent Junior £20 £20 £6

*Match fees for juniors (Incl U18) are only payable when playing adult matches.
**Junior membership category is based on age at 1st September

Our management system (Teamo) requires a Adult/Guardian registration prior to registering your child. Once you have registered THEN you “add” your child to your registration. NOTE you will only pay ONCE (unless of course you play as well)

Please ensure all membership payments are made by 30th September.

We have waiting lists for the majority of our Junior teams so late payment may well mean your child’s place is forfeited.

All Subscriptions are payable by the 30th September. In the event of late payment, ie after 30th September subscriptions for existing members will increase as shown, in addition any subscriptions not paid by 31st October will make the member ineligible for team selection.

Membership fees include:

  1. Coaching
  2. Training pitch time (and pitch costs from the 1st September 2020 to 31st March 2021)
  3. Regulatory fees to manage the club
  4. Various memberships that are required England Hockey etc
  5. Coach training
  6. Equipment (balls, bibs GK kit)

Match fees include:

Matches (friendly or otherwise) attract additional per game cost this covers:

  1. Umpires
  2. Pitch costs
  3. Regulatory fees to manage the leagues
  4. Teas

Covid 19

With the threat of COVID and the possibility of outbreaks reducing the amount of Hockey available to us.  The Haslemere Hockey Board are putting in place a clear policy on how we apply your membership fees in the event of a reduced season.  It is important to note that we have several fixed costs not limited to insurance, hockey association fees, equipment and coach training costs which we use your annual subs to pay.  Our main variable cost is pitch fee and we would look to return this to you in a simple tiered structure.
If as a result of COVID we have less than the normal season of hockey then the club will provide a credit towards your next years membership as follows:
  • Less than 20 weeks of training available due to COVID lockdown – 20% reduction on next years membership
  • Less than 12 weeks of training available due to COVID lockdown – 40% reduction on next years membership.
This does not apply to matches as they are subsidised by the match fee.

TEAMO & Membership

For the 2019/20 Season we are using TEAMO to manage our teams and member database:

Teamo enables us to:

  1. Manage our member database/details
  2. Request subs and match fees
  3. Manage teams, player selection
  4. Manage PCF’s (Parent consent forms)
  5. Chat 

How to register:

Click the button to register on our app TEAMO the app will guide you through the process of entering your data. At the end of this process you will be sent a link where you can enter your credit card to pay for your membership.

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