Sport England, the strategic lead for sport in England, today announced its four-year funding, totalling some £315 million for 32 priority and development sports in England.

The Sport England Main Board, following the recommendations of the National Investment Panel, has approved in principle £315m worth of funding on the basis of each sport meeting participation, success and modernisation targets. The investment spans grassroots to international elite performance and particularly focuses on developing a thriving infrastructure of clubs, coaches and volunteers.

Roger Draper, Chief Executive of Sport England, said: “Today’s announcement is a huge boost for sport at all levels from grass roots to elite. This funding is fully matched to our reform agenda across the world of sport, which is critical not only to creating a more active and successful sporting nation but also to ensuring that we produce a pipeline of talented athletes on the international stage.

“The timing of this investment is particularly important following our recent international sporting successes and the London bid for the 2012 Olympic Games reaching such a crucial and exciting stage. “

Stephen Baddeley, former Commonwealth badminton Gold medallist and Sport England’s Director of Sport, said: “The National Governing Bodies of sport are key partners in our drive to make England an active and successful sporting nation. This new simplified funding will empower these sporting bodies through reducing bureaucracy and giving them greater responsibility for how they manage their funding. We will continue to work in partnership with them to achieve our collective targets of increasing participation and success in sport.”

The prioritised national investment into the Governing Bodies of Sport is detailed below with one year (2005/6) and four-year funding totals:

For Hockey the 2005/6 is £3,567,259 and the four year total in principle is £11,136,477 (v) (vii) (viii)

v) Includes community investments for a three-year period from 2005/6 to 2007/8.
vii) £0.5m hockey funding withheld subject to progress in ongoing review.
viii) Funding in 2006/7 to 2008/9 conditional on progress in modernisation.

The full press release is at www.sportengland.org and click the news link.