Hampshire Hockey Association have recently notified us of a change to the qualifying date for junior squads. With effect from next season, for both boys and girls, the date of eligibility has altered from 31st August to the 31st December. This policy change will bring Hampshire teams into line with other counties and England Hockey regions, eg. South. However, school hockey teams will continue to be based on the 31st August date resulting in some players playing for a different age squad for their School and Club.

Players affected by this change are those born between 1st September and 31st December. Some of whom will move up a squad one season ahead of expectation or will play only one season in the new squad before moving to another squad in the 2008-09 season. These players are being contacted separately.

Based on year of birth players will be allocated to these squads next season:-

Under 18s - 1990 & 1991
Under 16s - 1992 & 1993
Under 14s - 1994 & 1995
Under 12s - 1996 & 1997
Under 10s - 1998 & 1999
Under 8s - 2000 & 2001
Under 6s - 2002