To all potential tourists;
Here's your opportunity to join one of our epic fun filled trips to the Hulst hockey festival. For the cost of £130 you too could join Clarkey for an outdoor bath, talk interior decorating with Jonesy or just enjoy a funnelled beer with the director of hockey.

What the money pays for:-

Return travel by luxury coach
The floating bar to France and back
Fees to play stick and ball
Top notch BBQ cooked by our personal chef
Freshly cut lawns to put your tent on
Two breakfasts
Insurance if you’re poorly or clumsy
A rather special piece of clothing

This is primarily a camping tour but there is a small hotel for the elderly, infirm or those with a doctors note.

Interested? Then don’t hesitate to send a minimum £50 deposit payable to ‘H H C Festival Account’ by 10th. June, 2005 to Chris Stokes, Clovelly, Beacon Hill Road, Hindhead, Surrey. GU26 6QD together with your name, dob, address, email, tel no, and last tour number (false accounting will be heavily fined)

Any questions please call Chris 07710 771130 or email [email protected]