Hampshire Umpires - discipline warning for 2012/13
Players should take note of the following general advice to all players in Hampshire, from the Hampshire Hockey Umpires Association's Discipline Administrator:

Following last season's appalling disciplinary record, during which no fewer than 11 persons were red-carded or reported for an MMO (Matchday Misconduct Offence) for 'umpire-abuse' - 7 of whom immediately talked themselves from a 5 minute temporary suspension on a yellow card to a red card & a substantial permament suspension - HHA reminds everyone that since 2004 its policy has been that the penalty for 'umpire-abuse' (both for Red Card & MMO) is unlikely to be less than 30 days' suspension. This policy has been followed since then, but the evidence shows that many players/coaches have been unaware of it. This season Club Discipline Officers (CDOs) have been particularly tasked with getting the message across in pre-season briefings, so that no one who is penalised for 'umpire-abuse' can claim ignorance of the likely penalty.

It follows, in particular, that HHA's strong advice to anyone who is shown a yellow card, for any offence whatsoever, is not to argue, but to remain absolutely silent and serve the temporary suspension in the designated place without comment. Team captains should be particularly vigilant in ensuring that their players/coaches follow this advice in order to prevent the yellow card being upgraded to red.

It is to be hoped that by following this advice the number of Red Cards & MMOs can be substantially reduced over the coming season.

Chris Bond, County Discipline Administrator (CDA)