U12 Programme – How it works


This objective of this page is to set expectations of how the U12 Girls group is managed in terms of administration systems, selection, training and coaching.


Teamo is used as our management app – it manages membership, availability, selection, any location or last minute changes – in fact everything – PLEASE USE IT – if the issue is urgent (eg a last minute non-attendance for a league match) and you do not get a response then resort to a call, txt or email.

All attendance is monitored.

Teamo is very very powerful BUT it does have some glitches – some quick solutions:

  1. IOS – remove it from your active apps and restart it – generally fixes a “freeze”
  2. IOS/Android – delete the whole app and reinstall – this gives you the latest version as well as clearing your cache


    This takes place every Friday evening from 18:00 to 19:30

    Please mark your child’s “availability”, even for training. We plan our sessions based on number of potential attendees – and training requirements, techniques, elements of the game and types of games required and if we know how many attendees then we can maximise “turf time”.

    Whilst this is not critical it does mean each session is planned to the best of our ability and the children get a better experience.

    League Matches/Friendlies

    We have created a match calendar for Sundays (Click Here) (It is continually being updated)

    Sundays consist of several types of games:
    (Each entry is labelled – L, F, F7, D as well as H (Home) or A (away))

    1. L – Hampshire League Matches (11 a side full hockey games)
    2. F – Friendlies – (11 a side)
    3. F7 – Friendlies – (7 a side In2 style)
    4. D – Development – this is a session where we play games at Haslemere.

    ALL of these will be controlled through teamo so please refer to teamo to mark your availability.


    Approx a week before the match I will inform all selected players that they are playing the following weekend.

    This notice will come in the form of a notification in Teamo. (which also offers the opportunity to “chat” with the coaches and team)

    My intention is to select at least 6 days in advance BUT my planning will be 2-3 weeks out with a view to “share out” game time as well as leagues and friendlies.

    The selection criteria will be based on:

    1. League (Full pitch game) – squad will be 15 – the selection is primarily in an effort to win
    2. Friendly (Full pitch game) – squad will be 15 – selection is on a “share out” basis as well as the agreed game objectives
    3. Friendly (7 a side) – squad will be as many as we can take as they are generally mini tournaments
    4. Development (All) – full set of children – a game based training session

    Some hints:

      (Planning is generally about 2-3 weeks out so “share out” is managed)
    2. Training attendance – This is an indicator of desire therefore the more you train the more you play
    3. We have noticed quite a few instances of where teamo is not marked up (Players are unknowns) this is a no no it suggests you cannot be bothered.


    This is planned every week with new fresh activities to address certain aspects of the game.

    The sessions are coached in line with England Hockey recommendations.

    Our view is there are 4 elements to our coaching and game management:

    1. People – we will attempt as far as is possible to engage with each child on their terms and personalize our approach
    2. Participation – our aim is to motivate children to play and to keep on playing in the future – sport for life
    3. Progress – we want to assist the children to get better as well – not just to “play”
    4. Performance – children who show motivation or an aptitude are addressed individually with a view to pushing them as far as they can/want to go


    Hockey is a team game and children develop seasonal relationships so when they move up age groups there is often a “them and us” scenario and the difference in age can be as much as 20% of the children’s lives to date.

    For this reason we attempt to mix groups up – you will also see some games that bear NO relation to hockey the aim is to get different girls working with each other.


    As the season goes on we will be starting to measure specific game outcomes and actions in order to motivate the children to play in certain ways – we are ALWAYS looking for markers or counters – so if you are up for this and normally sit on the side of the pitch then PLEASE PLEASE make yourself known to us.

    What to have?

    As the weather closes in we will start having rainy days. We train in ALL but the most trying of conditions, so please please ensure your child has a pac-a-mac or similar – also please ensure they come with sufficient clothing in case they have to sit out for whatever reason.

    WATER – please ensure they have a bottle


    If possible can you drop and collect at the gate to the pitch in some instances we may wish to talk to you for a whole host of reasons not the least of which we want to get to know how to manage your child!

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