The Men's 3XI is our senior development squad.

Captain: Chris Stokes

Vice Captain:

Manager: Jason Moore

Promoted to Hants Div 3

League: Hampshire Area - Division 3
Current Position: 1

Total Goals: 1445

Total Cards: 107



















vs Romsey - 01 Oct 2016

Home Score: 4 - Opposition Score: 6

Match Result: Loss

Despite the final score of 4 - 6 to Romsey, the Haslemere Mens 3rd XI fought hard in their first league game of the new hockey season.

With several new development players introduced to the team this year, mixed in with a handful for seasoned veterans, the 3rd XI displayed a surprising turn of pace throughout the majority of the game with some solid skill work too! 

Although there were moments of breakdown and strong counter-attacking play from the Romsey midfield, the 3rd XI worked well in midfield, linking up with their forwards and beating the Romsey defence with several well placed shots on goal to keep them fighting until the final whistle.

Although a loss, the whole team was pleased with the potential showcased throughout the game which puts the 3rd XI in strong position going forwards, with some key areas to focus on to aid them as they develop over the course of the season.

vs City of Portsmouth 2s - 24 Oct 2015

Home Score: 0 - Opposition Score: 5

Match Result: Loss

Saturday's game was a hard fought battle throughout both halves for Haslemere, despite them starting the game off strongly and keeping the Portsmouth side under pressure early on.

W.Davenport created several goal scoring chances with his superb aerials transferring play instantly from the Haslemere defence, right up into the Portsmouth 25.

However, the Portsmouth side kept the Haslemere attack and midfield under pressure and well marked, creating several breakaway chances resulting in goals in both the first and second half, despite O.Church's considerable skill in goal and some exceptional full stretch, diving saves.

Some good leasons came out of the game this Saturday, and the team will work towards implementing these new ideas into their coming games to turn this defeat into a win!

vs Trojans 4s - 17 Oct 2015

Home Score: 3 - Opposition Score: 2

Match Result: Win

With the first 2 games of the season, whilst well fought, both resulting in a loss, the 3rd XI were looking for their first win of the season at Saturday's game against Trojans.

The first 15 minutes showed some impressive hockey from both the junior and senior players within the team along with a great first goal from W.Bowes putting the 3rds in solid position early on.

Trojans attacked the defencive line repeatedly but struggled to make it around S.Rea and quick tackles from S.Mullender, with M.Drover keeping several early attempts out of the home goal.

There was good play in the middle, M.Riglar acting as a strong pivot point for the team, aiding the side up and down the pitch, creating some great chances. A.Dennis also caused the Trojan midfield and attack grief, running into space for some fantastic fluid hockey.

Another goal from W.Bowes helped to boost the side towards the halftime mark, with good feedback to the team at the break. An unlucky break away lead to the first Trojan goal in the second half to which Haslemere responded too with yet another goal from W.Bowes. A final Trojan goal managed to work its way into the home goal but the team held together and regained control of the game to ensure their first win of the season as the game ended.

A great result for the team and strong performance from all who played with positives to take forward to the next game!