vs Yateley - 04 Mar 2007

Home Score: 3 - Opposition Score: 3

Match Result: Draw

Hats off to the u16 girls who played in atrocious conditions today with such spirit. (The cold and wet have addled the brain of this match report writer so apologies to anybody who feels they watched/took part in a totally different game....)
Haslemere started strongly and were unlucky to have a goal disallowed in the first few minutes. Yateley soon picked up the pace though and the resulting match was hard fought to the end by both sides. Yateley took the lead and scored a second time before the break.
Haslemere kept their heads up though and made a few positional changes in the break. Annie Ashworth played a great first half as left wing but had to leave for other commitments. Alex Smyth graciously moved back to defence allowing Alexa Walker to play further up. Lucy Large moved to left wing and had some good play in the second half. The forwards started to trouble the Yateley defence and were soon rewarded with a goal from Emily Lane. Yateley came back again, but Haslemere were determined not to give in. There was some lovely hockey through the middle of the pitch, and on the right with Therese O'Neill and Vanessa Talbutt working well together. Beccy Marvell moved to left half providing fresh legs on that side of the pitch. Haslemere's efforts paid off and Alex Smyth scored much to the delight of the forwards. Tension and excitement on and off the pitch as Haslemere pressed again and again getting yet another goal, this time through Beccy Marvell. A few minutes later came the final whistle - probably a fair result for such an even game. Player of the match was Alex Smyth.

vs Haslemere Tournament - 07 Jan 2007

Home Score: 3 - Opposition Score: 3

Match Result: Draw

Honours were even in this keenly fought match. Romsey started at pace which woke the home side with a start! Georgia Statham, making her unexpected debut in goal, was soon tested forcing some great saves from her. Haslemere soon stepped up a gear and began to look the stronger side especially in midfield, with some skilful hockey from Emily Lane and Alexa Walker down the centre, and Therese O'Neill and Vanessa Talbutt connecting beautifully on the right. Romsey always looked strong on the break however and managed to score twice just before 1/2 time. Heads did not go down and Haslemere started well after the break and were soon rewarded with 2 goals both from Charlotte Elsmore. Romsey replied almost immediately. The game continued to flow from end to end with much goal mouth drama. Haslemere seemed to be lacking aggression in the circle, apart from a couple of attempts at shots from Therese O'Neill and Annie Ashworth. Then Emily Lane found a gap and had a lovely strike on goal and the game was even again. Both teams seemed to step up a notch and in the dying moments Haslemere were awarded a corner - great excitement but sadly not converted - leaving the game at 3-3; probably a fair result! Georgia Statham was voted Player of the Match - by a large margin!

vs Southampton U16 Girls - 26 Nov 2006

Home Score: 4 - Opposition Score: 5

Match Result: Loss

What a great match!
Haslemere started slowly and were caught out by two early goals from Southampton but then quickly stepped up their game. Throughout the whole match the play was end to end and Haslemere were soon rewarded by a lovely tap in on the right post from Beccy Marvelle on her debut appearance. There followed some great hockey especially in the midfield from both sides. Haslemere suffered an injury and were short of a back for a spell and Southampton capitalised with two more goals. Again Haslemere stepped up and Charlotte Elsmore scored just before 1/2 time.
After a few positional changes, and a brave return to the pitch by Katharine Hulme at left back, Haslemere started strongly after the break and always threatened to score. Alex Smyth and Alexa Walker provided some great passes to both wings and Haslemere were able to attack through Vanessa Talbutt and Beccy Marvelle, both showing speed and skill on the right and left flanks. Charlotte Elsmore worked tirelessly in the unfamiliar position of right back and Connie Blake was solid as sweeper. Southampton also attacked on both wings making a great match to watch. Vicky Henderson had plenty to do in goal and made some invaluable saves.As the pressure mounted Haslemere scored twice more, through Alex Smyth and Beccy Marvelle, bringing the score level! Both teams continued to battle; there were some lovely passes up both sides from the halves, Emily lane and Therese O'Neill and Annie Ashworth in her first match for the u16s made herself useful at centre forward, supplying the ball to the wings. Southampton claimed the upper hand again with a 5th goal, but Haslemere replied with more pressure. As the end came they were awarded a penalty corner and pulled everyone up. despite strong attacking pressure the Southampton defence proved too strong and the result remained at 5-4.