vs EH Comp Triangular - 04 Nov 2018

Home Score: 4 - Opposition Score: 4

Match Result: Draw

HHC v Alton - 4:1 to Alton

HHC v Jersey - 3:1 to HHC

Alton v Jersey - 2:1 to Alton

vs Fleet and Ewshot - 28 Oct 2018

Home Score: 4 - Opposition Score: 5

Match Result: Loss

Man of Match - Olivia Bristow

vs Camberley and Farnborough U14 Girls - 01 Dec 2013

Home Score: 0 - Opposition Score: 0

Match Result: Draw

The U16's had a great 7 a side tournament at Camberley today, winning 4 matches and drawing 1 to make them winners overall. The draw in the first game was despite only having 6 players. For the other games we borrowed a player to make up the 7 and were then unstoppable with Freya having very little to do in goal, though when called upon was unflappable as usual and we only had 1 goal scored against us in the whole tournament. Fortunately she was called on to fill in for one of the other teams so got some action then! It was great to have Ashley showing some fantastic skill at the front, but Lucy, Jessie, Holly and Emily all had turns in attack and got in plenty of goals as well. By the last match against Trojans they looked like they'd been playing together for years and the opposition were under constant pressure resulting in a 4-0 win. Bring on the next one!