vs Yateley U12 Girls - 23 Jan 2011

Home Score: 3 - Opposition Score: 3

Match Result: Draw

Following the late withdrawal of Alton, Haslemere U11 Girls took two teams to Yateley to face their U12 1s and 2s teams.

Yateley 2s V Haslemere 2s
WIN 8-1

The girls dominated the game and rarely lost possession. In the first half we played in position, with Annabel and Natasha at the back, rarely seeing the ball, Emilia, Isobel and Izzy watching the centre and sides and pushing up towards Poppy, Jessica and Amelia, who were constantly on the attack. (... and no, we didn't play 8 girls, but rotation was quick!)

To make more of a game of it, in the second half Jess and Isobel stayed back in defence and allowed Annie and Tash to warm up and run around up front. We continued to attack well, with some strong, accurate passing and some good runs up the side and more goals went in. However, playing out of position meant that Yateley players weren't always marked as closely as they should have been and this did allow them to get one past us for their only goal.

All girls showed some good skills, especially in attack, and a strong desire to win. Good Game!

Yateley Under 12 Girls 1s V Haslemere Under 11 Girls 2s

With a team having never played together before and some girls making their debut, the Haslemere 2s made an impressive start against Yateley 1s, getting some match experience under their belts.

The Haslemere team played a great game, building on their basic skills learnt in training and although Yateley put a number of goals past them, the girls never gave up.

Due to our usual keeper being delayed, Whiteman bravely stepped up and offered to play in goal, making some fabulous saves with limited practice in the kit. Hollins proved to be the rock at the back of the pitch, putting in some strong tackles. Ainsley communicated well between the defence and midfield, and both she and Beggs were running all over the pitch in an attempt to move into space and help their team-mates out. Cox and Francis on the wings had lots of space, with Francis making some strong runs down the right. Timberlake was well involved and successfully aided the link between the midfield and forward players, whilst Granger, on her debut, played a fabulous game getting stuck in and making some brilliant tackles.

After a quick half time chat, the girls were reminded to keep their shape and formation, and the level of play improved into the second half. Regardless of the scoreline, the girls never once gave up and always put in over 100%. Well played!

Yateley Under 12 Girls 1s V Haslemere Under 11 Girls 1s

After a friendly high scoring win against Yateley’s 2s, Haslemere 1s started their league fixture, against Yateley 1s, on the back-foot and with a lack of concentration. The Haslemere girls, playing in an Under 12s league, were up against a skilful Yateley team who had clearly improved since the last meeting between the two teams.

Haslemere seemed disrupted from the beginning, not looking up before passing, intent on trying to hit the ball and forgetting everything learnt in training- including their playing positions and formation. Unfortunately, even with our strong defence who were often out-numbered by the Yateley attack, the Haslemere play allowed Yateley to capitalise and score 3 goals early in the first half. Haslemere had little attacking play and were clearly getting frustrated with their performance. Further panick spread through the squad when a reliable and on-form Kingston in defence, took a ball to the head resulting in her leaving the pitch before half-time.

Following a half-time team talk, the girls went out for the second half with the usual fight and concentration that we are used to seeing from them. They held their shape, looked for the passes and linked up well. John, Kingston and Gerrard communicated well at the back to prevent any further Yateley goals. Haslemere, back in their stride, had some great attacking play and were rewarded with a goal from Sambles on the right, having run down the wing. The midfield (Crossman, Sambles, Impey and Spencer) stayed strong and played in Russell and Wilks up-front to keep the pressure on the Yateley defence. The determination of the Haslemere girls resulted in two further goals by Impey, on her debut.

Happy with a draw after the first half performance, Haslemere showed great teamwork and determination to come back from 3-0 down to get a point. The performance in the second half showed just how competitive the girls can be- a well recovered match!

Yateley 2s V Haslemere 2s
LOSS 2-5

Despite losing their first game, the girls came out with their heads up, showed great commitment and kept chasing the ball for the duration of the game.

In the first half, Yateley had more of the possession and we didn't always stick as close to our opponents as we could have done but, we showed some good skill, made some good runs and kept on attacking when we had the ball. Score at half term was 1-4. The second half saw us come out strong and this time it was us who kept possession. We used the width of the pitch, tackled well and ran the ball, keeping the second half score to 1-1.

Megan played in front of goal and her strong tackles and reliable clearances kept the Yateley score down. Karinna was a force to be reckoned with, letting almost nothing get past her and running forwards to back up the attack and racing back when Yateley had possession. Jocelyn and Jenny both played well in the centre, showing some good skills and passing the ball well to Sophia and Ellie, who were playing on the wings. Sophia was in control on her side with some stong defensive tackles and a couple of great attacking runs and Ellie, too, was breathing heavily after supporting the attack and getting back to defend. Finally, Anna and Millie worked tirelessly in attack, battling against a strong Yateley defence and were rewarded with a goal each.

It was a great game to watch and the girls play improved as the game progressed. Well done!

vs Camberley and Farnborough Festival - 28 Nov 2010

Home Score: 8 - Opposition Score: 1

Match Result: Win

Despite the cold and the frozen pitches at Haslemere, the U11 girls travelled to Camberley & Farnborough for their tri-match fixture. Blue sky and sunshine accompanied them and some committed play and great passing of the ball gained them the results they deserved.

Haslemere 5 v Yateley 1
Scorers: Izzy (2), Isobel, Anna, o.g.

Haslemere came out flying. They made good use of the width of the pitch, looking around for players to pass to and dominating the first half. Two quick goals from Izzy and Isobel were followed by an own goal and then another from Izzy. Poppy and Jess assisted in the attack and Yateley rarely made it past Annie and Tash, who cleared everything before it came near Helena in goal.

A half time talk brought out better from Yateley and the second half was more evenly balanced. However, Millie played well in the middle, passing forward to Anna who had her shot deflected in for our fifth. Also playing in her first game, Megan gained in confidence and made some strong tackles. Yateley finally managed to squeeze one past Helena, but the final result was a great 5-1 win.

Haslemere 1 v Yateley B 0
Scorer: Izzy
We then played a friendly against a Yateley B team. Despite having the majority of the possession and numerous chances at goal, we only managed to get one over the line, but that was enough to earn us a 1-0 win.

Haslemere 3 v Camberley & Farnborough 0
Scorers: Isobel (2), Jessica

Having played hard and fast for two matches, the girls looked a little tired as they started their third game. As a result, they didn't keep possession as well and both teams had chances to score. Helena had our goal well covered though, and the C&F goalie cleared the ball of her line a number of times. It looked like being a close game but a great goal from Isobel, just before half time, was the boost we needed.

Whatever Hannah said at half time also worked because the second half saw a return to form with better passing, better use of the space and more attacking play. Annie and Tash remained strong in defence and a goal each from Jess and Isobel resulted in a final score of 3-0. Well done Haslemere.

vs Camberley and Farnborough Festival - 31 Oct 2010

Home Score: 3 - Opposition Score: 1

Match Result: Win

Haslemere Girls Under 11s V Camberley and Farnborough
1- 0 (Win)
Yet another day of wet weather brought the Haslemere Girls Under 11s out for their second tri-fixture of the season. Playing at home on Halloween, the girls were raring to go and keen to scare the opposition early on!
With a strong starting line-up the girls piled on the pressure with some fantastic link up play between Jess, Izzy and Poppy in midfield, and Isobel upfront. Karinna and Amelia proved strong at the back, cutting out much of the Camberley attacking play.

Haslemere had a number of positive attacking runs in the first half, with some great shots on goal. Unfortunately, the Salisbury keeper (Camblerley didn’t have one of their own) played fantastically, keeping Camberley in the game. The Haslemere defence had very little to do early on, however both Joss and Abbie proved to be key substitutes in the later stages, putting in some great tackles and clearing balls out wide. At half time the score was 0-0, but Haslemere should have had a number of goals.

Coming out after half time, the girls were keen to take the lead and the fantastic work of the midfield and forward linking play finally resulted in a well-deserved goal from Isobel. Abbie continued to impress with some brilliant tackles at the edge of the ‘D’ preventing Camberley from having many shots on goal. The one shot that did get through the Haslemere defence was confidently cleared by keeper Helena, playing her first game of the season in goal. Haslemere continued to press forward and substitute Sophia created lots of space on the left for the constant Haslemere attack.

Haslemere Girls Under 11s V Salisbury
2-1 (Win)

With a spare 20 minutes after their first game, Haslemere were able to use the time to observe the next opposition, Salisbury, in their game against Camberley. Salisbury looked professional and skilful and Haslemeres’ plan was to score at least 2 goals early on, to give themselves a suitable advantage.

Despite Haslemeres’ thoughts with regard to the strength of their opposition, they went out hard and put immediate pressure on the Salisbury team. This caught Salisbury off-guard and some quick thinking and great links between the Haslemere team resulted in an early goal (will the scorer please step forward to claim the honour!)- just what we were looking for! Haslemere continued to stun the Salisbury team with their strong tackles, great link up play, passing into space, running onto the ball and changing direction. The positive Haslemere play resulted in another fantastic goal from Jess. Haslemere continued to think about their game and improve on their play, passing back and positioning the ball well.

Towards the later stages of the game, Haslemere began to tire and the busy defence started to lose focus, resulting in a spell of Salisbury attacking play and a goal for the visitors. Haslemere did not let this scare them and they continued to stay strong, with some changes in defence towards the end of the game and a confident Helena in goal, shouting at her team to mark players.

After a scrappy last minute or so, the final whistle blew and Haslemere had remained victorious in their two tri-fixture games! Well done girls!

PS Well done to Helena for playing in all three games as she had to be goalie for Camberley, too!