This is the HHC Mens Vets Squad.

Captain: Jonathan Roy

Team Manager: Iain Lynch

League: Wessex Super Vets Alliance
Current Position: 8

Total Goals: 1882

Total Cards: 18


















vs Guildford - 17 Nov 2018

Home Score: 3 - Opposition Score: 2

Match Result: Win

Derby Day. What can possibly be better than Derby Day? The angst in the air as pushback approaches, the tension in the finely honed, supremely conditioned athletes as they are poised to compete, the roar of the crowd as they bay for blood and vent their most base emotions. It defines sport; it motivates men; it brings fear to women and children; it defines us as competitors – it’s why we play.
Sadly, none of it was anywhere to be seen on a crap, sand-based pitch at Guildford when 24 ageing has-beens with beer bellies, receding hairlines and aching backs tottered out to attempt to play a game of veterans hockey on late Saturday morning. The crowd consisted of one former Guildford player who was promptly convinced to referee, meaning that the only things watching were the circling birds; who were probably thinking that there might be some scavenging opportunities if someone keeled over after trying to run more than 3 yards. I expect they had their eye on Guildford’s Carney.
And so it began. Guildford without any ringers (this time) included a couple of able centre backs (the pie eater and some really old bloke) a bunch of geriatrics, and their tall elegant centre forward Sturgess (his words not mine), who had recovered from the abuse he took against Oxford which lets down both Oxford themselves and the league – oh, and Psycho Kuhle, the man who has been fouled by a stiff wind on many occasions. The Blues lined up with Lindars in goal, Milne-Holme and the Moose in the middle of defence, a couple of newbies at fullback, some geriatrics in midfield (plus the goal scoring, glory boy captain, Roy) and Prichard and Lynch up front - both of whom were eager to prove to Roy that they can score goals as well. Typical strikers, it’s all about the glory with that lot.
Early play was with the Blues, Roy playing the pivot in midfield, Sewell, Prichard and Lynch troubling Guildford with their movement. A short corner was expertly dispatched by Prichard. No, sorry that was Lynch. Oops, no such luck, it was Roy – yet again. No let up from the Blues after the restart, Prichard switching sides and playing an excellent ball into the D where the – yes, you guessed – Roy was waiting to expertly dispatch it and it was 2-0 to the Blues. Guildford began pressing more and more in midfield and for the remainder of the half controlled the game without threatening. Moose expertly reduced Sturgess to a mere bystander by continually pointing out the quality of the thighs – I mean skills – on display in the women’s match on the adjoining pitch. Psycho Kuhle put himself about but his most notable contribution was a vicious assault on Moose which went unpunished by the umpires. Or perhaps it was the wind. With a few minutes remaining a ball into the D was deflected to Sturgess who brilliantly controlled it (his words, not mine) before pushing a weak shot towards goal. A deflection, a partial clearance and then some commitment from Guildford’s Tonks resulted in a 2-1 halftime score.
Second half the play was more even, Guildford with more of the possession while the Blues created – and wasted - some good chances up front. One mental lapse from Milne-Holme and Moose let Sturgess in 1 v 1 with Lindars however at the crucial moment a squeal of delight from the women’s game distracted Sturgess and the chance went begging. More pressure from Guildford and some comical defending by the Blues resulted in the ball falling to Sturgess who calmly rolled it into the goal and it was 2-2 and a probably deserved equaliser. The game continued along a fairly tortured line; it certainly wasn’t one for the ages, although the birds were probably salivating at this point. Guildford’s build up play along their right was particularly slow and rarely threatened while the Blues seemed unable to get a foothold in midfield with Roy being isolated far too often. It felt like we need another body in there to help keep possession and control the play. Oh for the days of two JR’s. Thankfully we were capable of the odd attacking moment and from one of these forays a short corner and a Roy mishit resulted in Lynch converting and we were up 3-2.
More turgid play from both sides resulted in very little worth commenting on and the game finished with a 3-2 win for the Blues. Haslemere moved up two places, Guildford moved down two places, and once the beer and food had been consumed and pleasantries exchanged in the clubhouse the only disappointment was with the birds. Having said that, has anyone seen Lindars recently?
Guildford 2-3 Haslemere

vs Havant - 20 Oct 2018

Home Score: 3 - Opposition Score: 2

Match Result: Win

A league win at last for the Vets, fortunately thanks to a fine short corner conversion by Jonathan Roy as the final whistle was blown!  Alastair Shedden opened the scoring for the Vets but Havant quickly replied, and, despite having more possession of the ball, the Vets were unable to make their passes work and finish off attacking moves with accurate strikes on goal.  Following a good central run by David Sewell, a pass to Jonathan Roy was calmly planted high into the Havant goal, allowing the Vets to retake the lead, but once again the same fast Havant forward was allowed enough room to level the scores at 2 - 2.  A draw may have been a fair result, but the Vets had the last word with Jonathan Roy’s second goal at the death!

No excuses now for not starting to make progress back up the league table.


vs Guildford - 24 Feb 2018

Home Score: 3 - Opposition Score: 2

Match Result: Win

The Vets second meeting with Guildford Gondoliers is always a fixture that is looked forward to, and there was an added incentive having lost the away fixture earlier in the season!  The game plan was disrupted after ten minutes when Guildford’s first real assault on the Vets goal resulted in a soft shot finding it’s way into the top corner of the net, and the Vets needed to sharpen their passing and reapply pressure on the Gondoliers which pushed their keeper into making a number of good saves before Simon Prichard rounded off a well worked move to bring the scores level at half time.  More of the same in the second half, with Guildford being allowed few real attacking opportunities, and the Vets pressure allowed Johnny Roberts a chance to score an excellent second goal and the Vets grew in confidence.  With Iain Lynch leaving the pitch with an injury, Peter Williams took his place, and despite being less than 100% fit, beat the Gondoliers defence to add a third goal.  Perhaps the goal tally could have been higher, but the Gondoliers added a second goal with ten minutes to go and the lead was just about maintained by the final whistle.  A good result for the Vets, and fourth place in the league secured.