The Men's 5XI is our junior development squad.

Captain: Tony Richards 


League: Hampshire Division 8
Current Position: 2

Total Goals: 268

Total Cards: 7


















vs Winchester 6s - 14 Oct 2017

Home Score: 3 - Opposition Score: 2

Match Result: Win

Haslemere Mens 5th XI  v  Winchester 6th XI

Final score 3-2 win

This was a game where a young Winchester adult development side took on an even younger Haslemere adult development side.  Haslemere had only 4 adults in the team and 3 young players making their senior team debut in Ollie Crombie (14), Sean McKnight (14) and Rory Michna (13).

The game did not start well for Haslemere with Winchester dominating the early passages of play. The oppo had some talented young players who were making life very difficult for our new look defense of Tom Wild, Tony Richards, Arthur Gunn and Sean McKnight. We quickly went a goal down, and things were not looking good. Jack Jenkinson in goal was being kept very busy, but managed to prevent the score escalating against us.

Little by little the young players in the Haslemere team started to win some possession, and by attacking with great pace using an “on fire” rocket man in Josh Lott up front, we started giving Winchester some challenges of their own.  At half-time we moved Dave Mayson back into the defensive line, and gave Harvey Hill the role of centre half. Harvey (still only 14) relished the challenge and we started to take control of the game. Tom Wild was given the difficult task of marking Winchester’s best player, and he stuck to him like glue, and this really reduced Winchester’s attacking options.

Jack in goal continued to have his best game so far for our team and Arthur Gunn was like a marauding lion in defense rarely letting anyone get past him, and pushing up in great support of our attacking moves. With Rory, Josh & James attacking at pace with Ollie and Ben giving them great support, we emerged with what initially looked like a very unlikely win. At one stage in the game we only had a single adult on the pitch, and this is a testament to how all our young players stepped up to the challenge.

Play of the match and the season so far was when Ben Ford somehow got his stick at head height to save a certain goal that most goal keepers would have struggled to keep out. This inspired the team, and when a Winchester goal was correctly disallowed with the last hit of the match, the team and the spectators breathed a sigh of relief, and then applauded what was a great game.  The game was played in good spirits by two young teams who have players that will quickly move higher up their respective clubs.

After three league games, Haslemere are one of only two teams with maximum points.

Neil Francis - Coach

vs Portsmouth and Southsea 2s - 07 Oct 2017

Home Score: 2 - Opposition Score: 1

Match Result: Win

Haslemere Mens 5th XI, 7th October

What a tough match to play with a pitch that was even tougher to play on!

Portsmouth started off with their heads firmly set on winning the game with a lively start scoring within just minutes after push back. This one of the only bits of action Jack the goalkeeper got until a barrage of short corners at the end of the match, still a great game on his part.

The start was a harsh eye opener which lead to us Haslemere lads more motivated than ever to claim this game as a victory. Colin and Toby acted as the much needed backbone of the team, feeding fast pace balls across the beach like pitch to the firm open sticks of the rest of us, with Matt and Neil acting as the other two key defensive players.

Neil almost perfectly predicted the goal scorers who were himself and himself in the position of right inside. However, the one thing our skipper couldn’t predict was getting sent off to the sin bin. Dave Mayson played well like usual acting as a reliable person to pass to and, like always, knowing exactly where to play the ball. Tony applied his useful skills on how to warm down which everyone politely decided to ignore, very well played by Tony.

Archie had a great game helping make it impossible for the opposition to score. Harvey, one of the new upcoming rising stars had a great game getting stuck in with everything and playing past all the opposition with his amazing skills. Josh and James providing the width of the team playing left and Right wing, both played a fantastic game opening up goal scoring opportunities left right and centre. In the centre we had Dan who is one of our newest members of the team, somehow manages to be at the back post of the goal for every ball that comes in but unluckily can’t quite get the ball in. 

Overall score was 2-1 to Haslemere, congrats to Portsmouth and Southsea for the excellent game, they made it very tough to win.

By Ben Ford

vs Basingstoke Vikings - 19 Nov 2016

Home Score: 7 - Opposition Score: 1

Match Result: Win

Haslemere Mens 5th XI - 7

Basingstoke Vikings – 1

Another good victory for this young development team.

Push back at 4.30pm at Basingstoke in the dark, and the fast approaching Storm Angus was not the ideal conditions for an afternoon’s hockey match. However, this did not deter Haslemere from their aim to score quick goals, go around the slightly slower and larger opposition rather than try and go through them. Goals from Josh Lott, Dave Mayson and Neil Francis in the first half gave a comfortable lead at half time. The centre back duo of George Hardy and Harry Stokes are now becoming a formidable and mean defence, and they worked hard along with James Skan, Ben Ford and Ben Rodber to quickly cut out any opportunities that the opposition had once they managed to get into our half.  With Jack Jenkinson in goal we have a new young keeper, who has taken to playing adult hockey like a duck to water, which was good considering how the rain came down in the second half!  Jack was very solid and cleared his lines well.    

Zack Rodber , Josh and Rich Lott were constantly a threat up front, and with the mid-field of Tom Morley, Dave Mayson and Alex Knight supporting the front line, goals continued to come in the second half. As the Basingstoke defence started camping in their own 23m, the Blues needed to think harder about how to draw out the defenders, rather than just launch wave of running attack. 4 goals in the second half could have easily been more, with some better decision making around when to attack with pace or hold the ball and build with support. Also we can’t play with 10 forwards, as there is always a possibility of a breakaway in any game, and there was very little Jack in goal could do with 4 attackers bearing down on him and only 1 defender to be seen.

Having said that, you can’t complain with a very comfortable victory, and we go into the match next Saturday against league leaders Alton full of confidence, but with some areas still to improve on.


Neil Francis - Captain