This is our Men's 4XI squad, 2016/17 winners of Hampshire Division 6

Captain: Stuart Kennedy

Vice-Captain: Christian Hobbs

League: Hampshire Open League Div 4
Current Position: 1

Total Goals: 611

Total Cards: 21


















vs Woking Old Peculiars - 05 Mar 2016

Home Score: 3 - Opposition Score: 1

Match Result: Win

Haslemere 4's travelled to Woking on a chilly Saturday morning to take on their 'Old Peculiars' in what we knew to be an important match in our continued push for promotion. Woking are a gritty and determined team so it was important that everyone was up for it and in prime condition.

So, when skipper Hobbs slapped a ball to Fotheringham in the warm up only for Tom to carve it into his own face for a plentiful a amount of blood to spill forth from his eyebrow, things started to look a little dicey. Then, when Ben Pucknell turned up looking like death warmed over (the same colour as yesterday's kebab that you find under your bed), things got a bit more concerning. With Haslemere at only 12men including debutant Dan (Pucknells Mate) and now two of them not well we were in for a harder fight than hoped for.

Woking pushed back and controlled the early encounters with their young Alice band wearing centre mid fielder (65) creating space all over the park. Debutant Dan immediately dropped onto this fella and marked him out of the rest of the half. Haslemere tested the pace of their defence realising that good cross field passes were finding loads of room. Hobbs to Bennett was a regular ball, giving Charlie and Pucknell loads of room on the right to attack. Soon a short corner was won. Kennedy smashed a shot for a save and got the return shot for a better save. However the ball was not out of danger and Hobbs played a ball in to Tony who deflected past the Keeper for 1-0.

Very few problems were encountered by the defence as they camped out on the half way line and became stylish distributors of great passes. Fotheringham, resplendent in a load of Facial plasters linking really well with Willows. Soon the Bennett and Pucknell combo released Kennedy down the right. Taking it to the back line Kennedy committed the Keeper and slipped it to the waiting Ben Collier for 2-0.

With the game going so well it was a bit of a surprise when Woking got a short corner and rapidly converted the chance with a hard driven strike across the keeper no.65 showing ability fit for a higher level.

With Fotheringham still openly bleeding he had to take time off to wrap his head in bandages re-appearing just in time to inject at another Willows gained Short Corner. The plan was to slip the ball left, but it ended up back with Tom. Three goes at the keeper later and the ball was through his legs and Tom like an oversized screaming Pudsey bear celebrated wildly his first goal of the season and more importantly 3-1. A two goal advantage restored!!

That two goal advantage was totally needed! As Woking came out in the second half all guns blazing. They were pressing and pressing for a goal. Credit to a brilliant second half display from Gerrity and Mark at the back who controlled wave after wave, marshalling the midfield onto the runners and spare men, making crucial tackles and clearances. With the solidity provided by Bennett, Fotheringham and new man Dan the ball was repelled for 20 minutes before things got interesting again!

The opposition umpire was by now getting a bit twitchy about the number of stick tackles it seemed that nearly every pass was a 50/50 ball. He warned us all repeatedly until finally he snapped and green carded one of their brutish midfielders. Haslemere couldn't capitalise though as 30 seconds later he carded Collier for......not much. With everybody on their best behaviour the game ebbed and flowed with the odd short corner to both sides. Phil Coughlan made some fine saves with Hand, Stick and feet throughout the half reading the play well and logging repeatedly to confound the attackers. Haslemere started to play smart Hockey and maintained possession for good periods or getting simple foot fouls to delay time a bit. Soon it was the two minute warning and although Kennedy got a green for a stick challenge the remaining 10 men of Haslemere were soon celebrating another fine 3-1 win. However, despite all the goals coming in the first half, everyone agreed that the 2nd half was one of our finest stands of the season, a very satisfying clean sheet for the half!

Mathematically, The 4's need to win one more time in the next two games to go up so if you are near Haslemere at 2 next Saturday come and cheer us on for the home victory that could clinch promotion.

vs Southampton University 5s - 31 Oct 2015

Home Score: 2 - Opposition Score: 8

Match Result: Loss

A blistering performance from a team growing in confidence, three wins on the bounce now and long may it continue.

The trip down to Southampton Uni was an intersting one with the team assembling from all over the south. As the game began the Uni team impressed the vocal local support with their fitness and work off the ball. It wasnt long before Mere went one goal ahead.

A breakaway goal from Southampton levelled the score but with two minutes to play of the first half the Mere side trippled their goal tally with some brilliant link up play and awerness of the team around them.

Into the second half and the pressure was on to make this a goal difference excersice, the expectation was for at least three more goals of which 4 were supplied by the ever hungry for more forwards., with rolling subs losing the position and structure set out S'oton squeezed a concelation befroe another goal was hammered home by Ben Collyer.

Moments of brilliance were apparent from all on the pitch but 4 goals from Ben Collyer, three from Tony Gerrard, Some fantastic ariels from an out of position Jamie Cashman and solid performances from the midfield not to mention a couple of (fairly standard for him now) stick saves from Phil Coghlan.

With the final score a convincing 8-2 victory Haslemere 4th XI are looking forward to this weeks home game against Wimborn.


MOM and DOD votes for last week to occur for last week and this week on Saturday!

vs Alton 2s - 17 Oct 2015

Home Score: 2 - Opposition Score: 1

Match Result: Win

Having only secured 1 point in the last fortnight the 4th XI travelled to Alton for their third league game of the season with something to prove.


The pre match talk was one highlighting the importance of trust and playing simple hockey. This was soon implemented by the whole team with some excellent link up play through the mid field through out the first half.


Pressing hard and giving the Alton side minimal time and space on the ball they broke, crashing into the Haslemere circle, an accidental foot on the line from Bennett left Phil Coghlan lonely between the posts as the Alton forward stepped up to take the stroke. The smallest of touches from Coghlan saw the ball strike the post and the score line remain untouched.


Several short corners were won but non converted until with 15 minutes to go until half time Collyer B dispatched a goal to take the Mere side into the lead.


Alton reacted with a surge of attacking play and with the seconds of the half counting down a short corner awarded to Alton was charged down by Fotheringham only to see his touch deflect the ball up into the roof of the Mere net. 1-1 HT


The half time talk reinforced the need to play a quick passing game and this ran true in the second half. Several attacks were fruitless as the Alton GK smothered the ball time and time again.


A break in the middle of the park saw Collyer S one on one against the Alton keeper, as the ball lifted up sailing towards goal Mere were mid celebration before the gut wrenching sound of the post rang out across the pitch.


Alton fought hard to stay in the match but with the taste of 3 points on their tongues and some excellent last ditch keeping from Man of the Match Phil Coghlan Mere strode through convincingly. Moments later and not one too soon Collyer B once again stepped up to the mark dispatching Meres second goal before the final whistle.


MOM Phil Coghlan

DOD Ben Johnston  - Numerous offences, not least forgetting his Astros.




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