vs Basingstoke 7s - 23 Mar 2019

Home Score: 1 - Opposition Score: 0

Match Result: Win

With a bare 11 the ladies 5s took to the pitch with enthusiasm nonetheless. The first fixture with Basingstoke 7s before Christmas had seen a rare defeat for the team but there is a confidence now which has grown over the season. Sure enough the home team started brightly and with conviction, passing the ball round well and with good communication. But despite looking the stronger side Haslemere had failed to score by half time. At the break tactics were discussed; a need to change things a bit at short corners and in the D in order to get past arguably the oppositions's best player - the goalie. 

The second half saw more of the same from Haslemere, more pressure on the visitors and more short corners for them to defend. Haslemere played intelligently and tried to pass around the D more, instead of direct shots at the keeper, and were finally rewarded by a goal tucked in by Silvie Hackett after some good team play. Player of the match was initially a draw between Silvie Hackett and Libby Evans; after another vote Evans won narrowly! However the captain was very proud of the whole team and how well everyone played, and the great team spirit. One more match to go and hopefully the end of the season will see the mighty ladies 5s as division winners.

vs Isle of Wight 3s - 16 Mar 2019

Home Score: 2 - Opposition Score: 2

Match Result: Draw

Haslemere ladies 5s set off for the IOW with some trepidation at the thought of gales which were forecast, but the crossing was uneventful, apart from a slight misjudgement on the ferry stairs by one player....Weather conditions at the ground at Smallbrook were a different matter altogether. In the previous game one of the goals was actually lifted off the ground. The start was hasty and Haslemere looked a little lacking in composure for the first minutes; IOW capitalised and were soon a goal up. Sadly Sarah Smith had to retire hurt with a painful knee so Haslemere were down to a bare 11. Playing into the wind was a challenge but the team were soon making inroads into the IOW defence. Unfortunately the island team broke through again and after a defensive error by the captain Molly Ashworth found herself beaten in goal. Nevertheless Haslemere began to find their shape and were rewarded with a short corner. Injected by Heide Evans, ball came back to her from daughter Amber and Evans senior swept it in, glorious.

After the break the wind was more in Haslemere's favour and play improved. IOW had some good young players up front but the experience and youth of the Haslemere defence contained them. Phoebe Ashford was very competent as left back and Izzy Harry on the right continues to improve with every game. Shiobhaun Watt in a new right midfield position worked well with Vanessa Michna. There was a lot more attack in the IOW 23 metre area but still no goal. Charlotte Daniels (debut appearance playing on pitch) was also up front, on the left and playing quite high. The ball worked its way through to her, leaving the IOW defence undone, with Michna ("Nesquik") gamely following and shouting to her Go! and suddenly she was through, outside the D with only the GK to beat. We held our breath and willed her on and at 6 minutes from the end Daniels equalised. The last minutes saw a real resurgence in the visitors' efforts but the score remained 2-2. There followed a very jolly return journey on the ferry; captain O'Neill sternly reprimanded by ferry staff for getting out of the car too early...and Nesquik's very thoughtful "care package" of refreshments to reward the team. 

vs Hamble 3s - 02 Mar 2019

Home Score: 6 - Opposition Score: 0

Match Result: Win