vs Basingstoke 7s - 01 Dec 2018

Home Score: 2 - Opposition Score: 4

Match Result: Loss

The ladies 5s travelled to Basingstoke at a time when everyone else was sitting down to tea and crumpets....Despite the late start the team was in good spirits. A couple of key players were missing but the weather had enabled two regular players to play as other commitments were cancelled. It soon became clear the Basingstoke 7s were a cut above other teams our 5s had faced so far, very experienced and organised. Haslemere were soon under pressure and were relieved when Whiteley (senior!) made some headway into the opposition defence which resulted in a goal from Raymond. The relief was short-lived though as Basingstoke continued to apply pressure and were soon rewarded by an equaliser.  By half time the score was 3-1, not the usual plan! Nonetheless the team was upbeat; there had been some lovely periods of play and especially ecouraging to see the younger players really stepping up. Coach Andrew Howard talked about avoiding going into contact and using the space. The second half saw just that; some good transfers round the back and more pressure on the other end. Basingstoke were well drilled however and benefitted from some speed and youth on their forward line and converted another goal from short corner via the Haslemere captain's big toe...ouch. Undaunted Haslemere continued to make forays into the opposing end and Amber Evans scored a sweet goal from a cross from the right swept in with a very satisfying slaphit....training pays off! Well done everyone. Special thanks to Sarah Whiteley for stepping in as supersub. No Player of the match this week but a great team performance.



vs Isle of Wight 3s - 24 Nov 2018

Home Score: 6 - Opposition Score: 4

Match Result: Win

An interesting start to the day as the captain carelessly lost 2 players and a coach before the game started. This left a bare 11. A lack of communication meant that one player had a late start but luckily was able to get to the game. You just can't get the staff.  So, the old birds of the ladies 5s, plus some fledglings(!) faced an U16 "ladies" team from the Isle of Wight in their penultimate game before the Christmas break. Maybe there was a touch of complacency after two good victories but if so that was quickly dispelled after a flurry of goals at both ends saw IOW 3-1 up. The young defence played with skill beyond their years and their attack confounded the home side again and again. Nevertheless Haslemere always felt there was more to come and thanks to the scoring trio of Redman, Raymond and Whiteley up front the attacking play continued. The score drew level to 4-4 in the second half and the game finished with good pressure on the IOW defence and two more goals. Izzy Harry was player of the match due to her great defensive play on the right and good linking with Clarkson and Watt. The game was played in great spirit and much respect to such a completely young side.

Next week sees a logistically difficult away game at 4.30 at Basingstoke. Skills to work on...strong passing and avoiding contact.


vs Portsmouth and Southsea 3s - 17 Nov 2018

Home Score: 4 - Opposition Score: 1

Match Result: Win

The ladies 5s took to the pitch in Southsea with a little trepidation as no goalkeeper was available. Nevertheless after last week’s goal fest and with the same players on the field there was a quiet confidence. It soon became clear that Haslemere were going to spend most of the game camped in the opposition’s half, with little for the defence to do. The forwards made constant inroads into the 23 area and the Haslemere midfield stopped any attempts to clear from the Southsea defenders. But Southsea had a secret weapon, am amazing keeper. Even more astonishingly it transpired at half time that she was not a keeper at all but an injured field player. Without her superb play the score line would have been easily in double figures. As it was Redman and Whiteley worked out how to get past her just the 4 times. Southsea persevered though and the game was played in good spirit with the home side finally getting a breakthrough goal.