This is the HHC Ladies 4th XI development Squad.

League: Hampshire Division 7
Current Position: 2

Total Goals: 147

Total Cards: 3



















vs Fleet and Ewshot 2s - 24 Mar 2018

Home Score: 2 - Opposition Score: 1

Match Result: Win

The ladies 4's were very apprehensive this morning, after being told we only had 10 players due to last minute injuries.  We also were in a position where Fleet and Ewshot could have taken our 3rd spot if they had won, so the pressure was on.

We went into the game full of adrenaliln and fire in our bellies and were determined to win.  We managed to defend really well in the first 15 minutes and not attack so much, and as we were missing some of our key goal scorers and it soon came back to our half after it we got it into their D.

After 15 minutes, Fleet and Ewshot scored their first goal from a breakaway, but we kept our heads up and tried our best.   They had a lot more shots on goal but Tash managed to keep them from going in.  After another 10 minutes Clare scored from a rebound from a short corner. Score at half time 1-1.

The second half saw Haslmere 4's tire a bit, because of no subs, but we were determined to not lose this match, we would have been happy with a draw.  After 20 minutes Abby scored from a cross from Corrinne.  We had to defend really strong after that as they were determined to score in the last 10 minutes, but we kept them at bay.  Couldn't believe we won with a few newer players and a lot or our regular team away we did it. It was a tought match but so enjoyable.

Man of Match:  Abby Kaczor

vs Portsmouth and Southsea 3s - 10 Mar 2018

Home Score: 7 - Opposition Score: 0

Match Result: Win

After not playing a few weeks due to cancellation from the snow, the ladies 4's were rarring to go.  

With Portsmouth and Southsea only have 10 players, we took full advantage of this and scored within the first 10 minutes, with another goal shortly after.  Portsmouth didn't stand a chance and our goal keeper Annabelle did not touch the ball throughout the whole game.  The defence did a great job of not letting Portsmouth through.  

Just  before half time, Haslemere was awarded a penalty flick from a handball in the D, which saw Ness score with ease.  By half time were were 5-0 up.

The second half saw a very tired Portsmouth try a bit harder after a team talk, but still they couldn't get passed the half way line.  Haslemere lost their shape a bit and slowed down to Portsmouths pace, but still managed to put 2 more goals in the back of the net.  

Man of Match:  Joey Hendry

vs Aldershot and Farnham 5s - 27 Jan 2018

Home Score: 3 - Opposition Score: 3

Match Result: Draw

With 20 players available it was hard to pick a team this week.  We were playing a team second from bottom on the league table, but diidn't want to chance anything as we are going for promotion this season.  Thank goodness we had a strong team, as we found this to be our toughest game yet against a very different side to the last time we played them. 

Aldershot had a lot of fast young players which caught us on the hop a few times in defence, for which we conceded two goals within the first 20 minutes. Then 5 minutes later they score another goal from a deflection off a short corner.  We came back just before the half time whistle with a goal from Sally from a deflection.

After having a good chat with Heidi Wells who we had as a coach on the side for this game, we came back a lot stronger and were determined to get back in the game. The defence kept Aldershot out of our D and the mid field worked tirelessly to defend and attack.

After 5 minutes Ness scored another goal from a break away.  The game was very tense and everyone gave it their all and we kept on fighting and with 4 minutes to go Sally scored another goal from a deflection.  The atmosphere was amazing with lots of supporters on the side, we were on fire and happy with a draw after such a tough game.

Man of match:  Sally and Joey Hendry, as it was mum and daughter they had to share a box of chocolates.