This is the HHC Ladies 1st XI Squad.

Captain: Sarah Elworthy 

Coach:Pete Crook 

League: South League Division 3B

Total Goals: 1357

Total Cards: 80


















vs Lewes - 20 Oct 2018

Home Score: 3 - Opposition Score: 2

Match Result: Win

Haslemere Ladies’ 1st XI travelled down to Lewes via mini bus on Saturday 20th October, greeted by a lovely sunny day, the team were set to take on the 8th placed team in the league, and eggar to maintain their current lead. 

HHC started strong with a fast first goal scored by Hannah Gribble. The Haslemere side attacked the opposition’s D repeatedly, finally resulting in another goal, expertly slotted away by Kate Cudbertson.

There were many more opportunities in the first half that Haslemere didn’t quite manage to snatch but continued to push on in the second half. Lewes scored a good short corner however Saz Elworthy countered with an impressive flick, scoring Haslemere’s final goal of the game. 

The game ended with Lewes being awarded a somewhat ‘controversial’ penalty flick and resulting goal. All wells ends well however, as Haslemere win a very tough and physical game. 

Well done all! 

vs Tulse Hill - 29 Sep 2018

Home Score: 4 - Opposition Score: 0

Match Result: Win

On a sunny day, haslemere went up against Tulse Hill and Dulwich 2s. The team were ready to go out strong and hard, we wanted to get three points against our name. 
Haslemere set out well with Alice dominating the first touch into their half, we maintained possession. Hannah Gribble made a cross across the Circle with Heidi wells touching it in on the posts. 
Tulse Hill and Dulwich gained possession and got them self a short. Kate ran out hard stopping the ball at the top of the circle, a second shot was struck, which was too high and disallowed, to the disappoint of a very disgruntled opposition. 
Haslemere made a speedy return and within a minute Alice Toynton was right in front of the keeper,  took it to her reverse and slotted it under the keepers pads. 
With half time approaching Haslemere went on the score sheet again, with a top circle pass to Julia Williams on the post, taking the score to 3-0 at half time.
Second half Haslemere maintained our pressure and brought it home with a quick break out, from Jules Bernays to Julia Williams back to Jules Bernays who touched it past the Keep. Bringing the score to 4-0, safe to say the celebration was nearly as good as the goal. 
The final whistle went, haslemere finished with a 4-0 win bringing the 3 points home.

vs Barnes - 22 Sep 2018

Home Score: 4 - Opposition Score: 1

Match Result: Win

Ladies 1st XI vs Barnes 2 XI (South League 3B) away at Barnes HC - 4 - 1 win for Haslemere HC

This was a new experience for any Haslemere Ladies 1st XI who were promoted last year into the South Regional league.  The squad was excited and some a little nervous about what this season will bring, and today was the first test the team wanted to pass.   And pass they did with flying colours.

The team had had several pre-season matches that helped prepare the squad nicely.  To start with both sides took just a few minutes to settle into their stride, Barnes were the first to score from a short corner early on.  Unruffled, Haslemere ladies worked hard and kept to the plan, eventually awarded a penalty flick.  Up came the captain (Elworthy) to calmly slot it away to bring the game even 1  - 1.  Haslemere continued pushing Barnes for another goal, with sustained attacks eventually rewarded with a short corner and their second goal from Toynton.  

Going into the second half Haslemere knew the next goal of the match was going to be important.  Their coach (Crook) gave the team feedback of what he wanted to see in the second half and it wasn't long before Toynton hit the target for her second.  At 3  -  1 up Haslemere weren't done, thier defence was resilient and the team effort off the ball was crutial to ensuring success was claimed.  Haslemere were keeping the ball well, and turning over possession working as a unit helped yet another successful attack that resulted in another penalty flick for Haslemere.  Toynton stepped up to swiftly put it away for her hatrick.  

A great start for HHC in a new league and the promise of a very enjoyable season.

Squad: Daniels, Edwards, Knight, Hutchings, Walhen, Mitchell, Cross, Gribble, Read, Elworthy (C), Enticknap, Wells, Toynton, Williams, Bernays