Junior Sports Challenge – Lockdown 2021

The objective of this challenge is to “free you from your screen”, to motivate you to get outside, get some fresh air and get some exercise – don’t forget to allow for the weather – gloves, hats, water etc

So a couple of “set the scene” notes:

  1. The challenges are designed for children aged 7 – 13 years, school years 3 – 8.
  2. They are challenges – Challenge yourself, challenge your friends, challenge your family!
  3. There are 3 levels – to drive improvement and challenge – which one can you achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold?

We have 5 different challenges each week – aim to complete 5 out of the 5 challenges.

  1. Military Fitness
  2. Circuits
  3. Cycle
  4. Walk
  5. Run

There are targets (AGE DEPENDANT) – so please read carefully below.

You should aim to complete four out of the five challenges every week to keep fit during lockdown; you’ll then be ready return to school or club sport.

There is no time limit on how long you take to do the activity – what is important is that you are outside exercising and having fun!

Walk, Cycle and Run are self-explanatory – just check your distances below.

Guidelines for Military Fitness and Circuits:

Military Fitness

  1. 2 minutes of sit ups – the timing must be exact – count how many you do.
  2. 2 minutes of press ups – the timing must be exact – count how many you do.
    (all children are recommended to do press ups with knees on the floor)
  3. 2 minutes of step ups – use the bottom step on your stairs. Step up, step down = 1 step. Count how many you do.
  4. 1.5 mile / 2.4km run – distance needs to be accurate. How fast do you complete it?
How to score Military Fitness:

You get the award of your lowest score. If you run 1.5 miles really fast and achieve gold but your press up score was low and you only got bronze you will get bronze overall. This should be an incentive for you to improve!

Top tip – choose a flat course for your 1.5mile run (avoid any hills!)


Run < 18:30 mins Run < 17 mins Run < 15:30 mins
Ages 7/8/9 Sit ups/Press Ups
/Steps = 30
Sit ups/Press Ups
/Step ups = 40
Sit ups/Press Ups
/Steps = 50
Run < 17 mins Run < 15:30 mins Run < 14 mins
Ages 9/10/11 Sit ups/Press Ups
/Steps = 40
Sit ups/Press Ups
/Steps = 50
Sit ups/Press Ups
/Steps = 60
Run < 15:30 mins Run < 14 mins Run < 12:30mins
Ages 11/12/13 Sit ups/Press Ups
/Step Ups = 50
Sit ups/Press Ups/
Step Ups = 60
Sit ups/ Press Ups
/Steps = 70


Circuits – 30 seconds each station

  1. Plank – Body in press up position with elbows on the floor.
  2. Sprint Shuttles – Cones 10m apart.
  3. Roll-a-ball – Continuously roll a ball around your body (stomach and  back).
  4. Vertical Jumps – Set a marker on the wall and see how many times you can jump and reach it.
  5. Skipping – On the spot with a rope if you have one. If not jumping on the spot.
  6. Lunges – Step forward with one leg until you reach a 90 degree angle.
  7. Mountain climbers – In press up position alternate bringing a foot in towards your hands.


For all age groups achieve…

  • 2 sets for bronze
  • 3 sets for silver 
  • 4 sets for gold

Walk, Cycle and Run

Walk 2k 3k 4k
Cycle 5k 7k 9k
Run 2k 3k 4k


Walk 3k 4k 5k
Cycle 7k 9k 11k
Run 3k 4k 5k


Walk 4k 5k 6k
Cycle 9k 11k 13k
Run 4k 5k 6k


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