Last Saturday saw Will Davenport play his last game for HHC before moving to a new life in Canada. While his team mates feel that this is the only way he will be finally rid of Dan Clarke, Will has in fact indicated that he is looking forward to seeing what the future holds for him and his partner, Amy, in North America.

Will is a long standing member of the club having joined us while at Churcher's College in his mid-teens. Although it is now a very frightening thought, he was at that time an aggressive and mouthy centre forward complete with white headband. However, some things do not change as his ability to regularly miss the ball and hit his opponent has never wavered leading some to believe that this cannot simply be put down to a lack of co-ordination.

His move should hopefully provide opportunities for HHC in due course. Will is actively seeking a club in Toronto as the season there is due to start in April and it would be great if this led to a club tour in the not too distant future. In the interim, we will ensure that we continue to feed Dan Burgess exclusively on beer and curry so that he might eventually greet Will in Canada as feelingly as he bade him farewell last weekend.

Will -- all the members will want to join me in wishing you and Amy all the very best for the future. Please accept our sincere thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the club, both on the pitch and in the bar, and do stay in touch.