If you would like to see smoking banned in the pavilion rather than simply not allowed on Sundays please come along to the WHSA AGM on Thursday 17th November 8pm at Woolmer Hill Pavilion to lend your support.

HHC through it's WHSA representative Jeremy Cornish will be proposing that smoking is now banned within the pavilion.

Although HHC members will not be entitled to vote on this proposal your presence will hopefully impress the strength of feeling and depth of support for a ban on the 4 member club representatives (Hockey, Football, Rugby, Athletics) who do get a chance to vote.

There was originally a unanimous agreement of member clubs made at a WHSA consultative meeting to ban smoking on Saturdays before 6pm. This was endorsed by the Board of WHSA but the start of the ban was subsequently postponed to the start of this season due to difficulties in implementation. The ban was later dropped in favour of the current arrangements of smoking and non-smoking areas and relocation of the extraction ducts by a decision of the WHSA board having regard to the state of current wishes of clubs, financial concerns, legality of tobacco etc

The new arrangements are subject to a review in November and the AGM is an ideal opportunity for WHSA to reconsider their effectiveness in preventing passive smoking and for members who use the club house and whose health and safety is put at risk to make the Board aware of their concerns and wishes.