I am very pleased to announce that our new payments system went live earlier this weekend.   
So, what does this mean for you?
We have chosen Stripe, a payments platform company that takes care of all the heavy lifting which means:
- secure payments allowed from all major credit or debit cards 
- emailed receipts 
- record of all your payments on the website
- we don’t hold or see your payment details
How do you access it?
- click on your name in the top right hand corner (first one)
- you will see a payments tab halfway down the page. 
Once you have found that, there is a simple drop down menu and payment reference cell.
Select the membership category you would like to pay for and in the Payment Reference, please include the name for whom the subscription fee covers. 
Click the button and fill out the necessary details.
Make as many payments as necessary (I know I have to).
Oops, I paid the wrong amount?
Just email [email protected]haslemerehockey.com and we can refund with the click of a button.  Then you can have another go.
My aim has been to make funding our club easier so that everyone can spend more time playing hockey.  This is one step closer. 
Finally, This would not have been possible without the great work of our Comms Director, Harry Finn.  He implemented this change for our club and the work required to set it up should not be underestimated.  Thanks Harry.  
On that note, lets start the season!
Andrew Dodson
Finance Director