An Extraordinary General Meeting is to be held on 9th March at 19:45hrs for two important changes.

The first change proposed is a merger with the Gregarians Ladies Hockey Club - the Gregs. the benefits to both clubs include: better coaching, a better standard of hockey, increased playing participation, improved junior and junior-to-senior development, improved administrative support and more (joint) social activities.

The second is the formalising of the establishment of the office of Director for Junior Hockey. From the start of this season the club have been fortunate to enjoy the services of Peter Gillespie as “Junior Chairman”. This has been an informal appointment (without an expressed job description) made by the Board and we believe that this vital club function should become a recognised Board office.

Both of these proposed changes are unanimously and strongly recommended by the HHC Board.

Full details of the EGM and notice will be available to members on the Club House notice board (Saturday 12th Feb) and an Email with full notice details will be sent on Sunday 13th Feb.