Within the next few weeks, we are planning to put up a picture area that will be linked to this website. Anecdotal evidence from other clubs indicates that that this could quickly become the most visited part of the site. Not only will it allow us to bring match reports to life (you will be able to click to go to the relevant photo), members will be able to submit pictures of tours, parties and other associated events that are such a key part of club life.

There will also be an archive category where those sepia shots of the early days of hockey at HHC (did they have colour in 1946?) can be posted. Just think what humour there could be in those dodgy hairstyles and skin tight shorts of the eighties! Don't laugh too soon because it could be you!

In order to kick this new area off, we are keen that you all look out any HHC-related hockey photos, and send the best ones to us for inclusion (digital or scanned images are fine). These can be old, new, funny, serious, historic or otherwise.

The club has been made up of many characters over the years and has had its fair share of tours, parties and post game get togethers so the compilation of a rich "virtual" album should be possible. While your Director of Communications will have to censor some, I am sure we will get to see most of what you submit!

Please send your pictures as an e-mail attachment to [email protected] and watch this space for when the area goes live.