As recent visitors may have realised, a kit area has recently been added to the HHC website. Accessible via the navigation bar on the left (or the Members and Juniors password protected areas), this is split into two sections, Adult and Junior.

Click on the section relevant to you and you will be able to browse a selection of HHC branded sports clothing at very reasonable prices. If something takes your fancy, you have only to e-mail our Director of Hockey (James Agace) with your order and he will take care of the rest.

He can also be found on the upper car park on most Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings with his boot stocked, Del boy style, with plenty of samples for you to inspect. After his appearance on the site banner, James wanted to model the kit personally but, as you will see, we felt a dummy would do a better job!

So don't be shy -- browse the kit section, order from James and be sure that you look the part!