Fourteen county places have been awarded to Haslemere players this season within Surrey and Hampshire Academies. Five of these places to players new to the county circuit. Many congratulations to these junior players on their selection:-

Emily Millar (Hampshire U13)
Nathan Thorpe (Hampshire U13)
Edward Whitworth (Hampshire U13)
Edward Worrall (Surrey U13)
Jacob Dykes (Hampshire U14)
Rufus Roy (Hampshire U14)
Chris Thomas (Hampshire U14)
Sanjay Appan (Hampshire U15)
Harry Tenwick (Hampshire U15)
Elliott Hall (Surrey U16)
Alasdair Herson (Hampshire U16)
Joe Jackson (Surrey U17)
Nico Worrall (Surrey U17)
Matt Godden (Surrey U18)

These players undergo an intensive assessment process often competing alongside sixty or more players to earn a well deserved place in junior county academies. We wish them every success in the challenges ahead in the county tournaments.

Securing so many county places is testament to the dedication and skills of our coaching team and supportive squad management which ensure Haslemere maintains its position as an ‘emerging’ club. The outlook for the season is very encouraging!