As some of you guys & girls know I am moving away in the next few months to move in with my lovely girlfriend Laura. I will continue to play until the end of the season. & then terrorise some other club in the West Country. Doing what to them what Duncan Haddrell has done to us!

So I have booked the clubhouse for a knees up, hurrah with local band cube. Who are very good covers band who have played at the club before. All this will be gratis to you funky guys & girls. You will only have to buy your own drinks & bring your own grub, if you want. I would like the odd free drink to come my way though. There is a fancy dress theme, which I would like everybody to try & adhere to is CHAVS, TRAMPS, GYPSYS & ABSO’s. You know like Vicky Pollard from Little Britain, Blazing Squad, David Essex & Jade Goodie from Big Brother. Will Davenport you can come as yourself.

Everybody is invited, players, partners, umpires & the sisters of any players (the last bit is a request from Danny Clarke).

I want everybody to be there for a cracking farewell do. Any way the details:

Saturday 18 March 2006. Band starts at 8pm in the clubhouse.

I have tried to pick a weekend that most teams are at home so they can shoot home after the game, get brownie points, come back with other halves & lots of beer money.

So please do all you can, as I all want you to, so I can say goodbye.