Jack Daniels Trophy (awarded to the most successful HHC Team): Junior Coaching Team (Stopher, Clarke) - HHC 1st X1 - HHC 3rd X1.

Pollock Cup (awarded for an outstanding contribution by an over 35 HHC Member): Jason Moore, David Mayson.

Milton Cup (awarded to the most improved player): Bill Ashworth, James Cross, Jez Andrews.

Unpronouncable Dutch Cap (Presented to the best tourer in memory of Ype Terpstra) : Danny Clarke, Chris Holland, Jack Harris.

Hurst Cup (awarded to the higest goal scorer) Nick Gay.

Lloyds Bank (Lloyds Bank Junior Club Member of the Year) Jez Andrews, Glyn Hawkes, Jake Foster - to be presented on 3rd

HHC Anniversary Award - Gordon Napier, Annie Williams & Pauline Mcbrown, Peter Gillespie.