Club Rules


Revised at the Annual General Meeting 25th April 2012


The name of the club shall be “Haslemere Hockey Club” (“the Club”).


The headquarters of the Club shall be the Pavilion, Woolmer Hill, Haslemere, Surrey.


In these Rules.

  • “Hockey” includes indoor hockey.
  • “the Board” means the Board of Directors of the Club.
  • “Members” shall be those persons, male and female, who have been approved by the Board as members of the Club and shall have paid their annual subscriptions as provided for in Rule 7; and “Member” shall be construed accordingly.


The Objects of the Club (“the Objects”) shall be:

  • to organise and encourage the playing of hockey by (but not only by) residents of Haslemere and its environs, including those with disabilities, together with the enjoyment of social facilities incidental to such playing.
  • to stimulate and develop by any practicable means, including coaching, interest in such playing and facilities by youth so resident.
  • to raise the standards of playing skills of Members.
  • to contribute to the development of a congenial social environment at Woolmer Hill.
  • to do all lawful acts consistent with and conducive to the attainment of the foregoing Objects and (without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) to acquire and dispose of assets and to borrow and lend monies.


  • The affairs of the Club shall be managed by the Board, which shall in all respects act in accordance with the Objects. 
  • The Board shall consist of the following Directors exercising those respective functions and/or responsibilities and endowed with those respective powers, which are hereinafter indicated for each:
    • Executive Chairman of the Board (to be entitled for all internal and external purposes “the Club Chairman”). His/her principal function and responsibility shall be the overall monitoring and direction of the Club’s other Directors, with a view to ensuring that they at all times discharge efficiently the responsibilities allocated to them under these Rules and exercise to the benefit of the Club the powers with which they are thereby endowed and always in every case consistently with the Objects.
    • Executive Deputy Chairman of the Board (to be entitled for all internal and external purposes “the Club Deputy Chairman”). His/her principal function and responsibilities shall be:
      • to support the Club Chairman in the discharge of his/her principal function and responsibilities.
      • in the event of the Club Chairman becoming unavailable (for whatever reason) to discharge his/her function and responsibilities, to assume the Club Chairman’s principal function and responsibilities until either the next Annual General Meeting of the Club or until the Club Chairman again becomes available for such discharge (whichever is the earlier); and during the period of any unavailability aforesaid to be deemed for the further purposes of these Rules to be the Club Chairman.
    • Director of Hockey His/her principal responsibilities shall be:
      • Generally to stimulate and supervise improvement of hockey throughout the Club in terms of:
        • Playing standards
        • Recruitment
        • Hockey for all
        • Discipline and courtesy
          In these respects to work closely with all Club coaches, team captains, managers, and with the Director for Junior Hockey
      • To require all Club coaches, team captains and managers to:
        •  promote/transfer players to other squads if, in the Director’s judgment, this is required for the benefit of such players or the Club
        • maintain availability in squads to guarantee at least 12 players for every league match
        • recognise that, in the event of overall player shortage on any fixture day, the seniority of the team will dictate priority of selection
      • To promote and / or establish and to enforce (without necessarily implementation by the Director):
        •  playing policies / strategies and coaching and training programmes, all directed to developing consistency of style throughout the Club’s teams
        • instruction and involvement in umpiring which in the Director’s judgment will improve the Club’s playing standards.
      • To devise and secure implementation of clear and simple communication procedures between:
        • the Director, Club coaches and the Director for Junior Hockey
        • Club team captains , managers and the members of their respective squads, so as to maximise the benefits of (ii) and (iii) above.
    • Director for Junior Hockey His/her principal responsibilities shall be:
      • generally to encourage participation in hockey by juniors (i.e. boys and girls under 18 years of age) and to stimulate their development in terms of playing standards discipline and courtesy enjoyment and in these respects (and particularly of those described in (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v) below), to work closely with Club managers, coaches and junior development officers, the Director of Hockey and the Director for Membership and to recruit and manage volunteers, who shall report to him/her.
      • to arrange coaching and training programmes to improve individual and team skills,
      • to encourage participation in match fixtures at varying age levels,
      • to assist with the transition of junior Members to the senior section of the Club,
      • to promote the activities of the Club to parents/guardians of junior Members,
      • to monitor the implementation of the Club’s Child Protection Policy
    • Director for Membership  His/her principal responsibilities shall be:
      • to establish, administer and monitor procedures for, registration and renewal of membership (for both adult and junior Members) of the Club and liaising (as required) with the Director of Finance.
      • to oversee collection of subscriptions from members. If the Director of Membership is from the Junior section he/she will be assisted by a member fron the adult section, or vice versa.
    • Director of Communications  His/her principal responsibilities shall be:
      • generally, communication within the Club and with external persons and organisations to the benefit of the Club,
      • more particularly, regular provision to Members of information on past and projected matters of interest,
      • development of relations with external bodies beneficial (financially or otherwise) to the Club.
      • management of website
      • stimulation of social events within the Club.
    • Director of Finance  His/her principal responsibilities shall be:
      • preparation of annual accounts and budget.
      • the banking and investment, on the most favourable terms obtainable, of such subscriptions, of match fees and of other financial receipts,
      • the paying out of Club monies as necessary (for example in relation to insurances and affiliation fees).
      • the formulation and implementation of financial policies for the Club,
      • advice to the Club in general and the Board in particular on matters affecting the Club’s financial interests,
      • procurement of secretarial assistance to the Board, in particular for its meetings and similarly for General Meetings of the Club.
    • Director for Playing Arrangements  His/her principal responsibilities shall be:
      • arranging for Club adult teams a programme of fixtures selected in accordance with relevant league requirements and, after consultation with the Director of Hockey, with opportunities for other friendly matches and for coaching and training sessions,
      • making of recommendations and provision of advice and information to the Board in relation to possible playing programmes and policies.
      • such liaison with other clubs and organisations (including umpires associations andthe hockey authorities at County, Regional, Area and National level) as shall assist him.
      • contact with the Director of Hockey, Club team captains, coaches and managers to facilitate the implementation of the fixtures and coaching and training sessions.
    • Director without Portfolio  This director shall be appointed to the board to provide advice and feedback from members and to undertake special projects as required. The Director without Portfolio shall be vested with the same voting rights at Board meetings as are contained in Sub-Rule (g) below.
  • The Directors in their respective capacities aforesaid shall be elected by simple majority at the Annual General Meeting to serve until the next Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for re-election (whether in the same or different capacities and without limitation of the number of occasions of eligibility for re-election) provided that in the event that any Director shall for any reason whatsoever (including death, illness, or other incapacity or resignation) cease to be such before the expiry of his term, a replacement for him shall be selected by the other Directors to serve for the residue of such term, with the full authority of the Directorial capacity in question.
  • Tenure. There will be an expectation that each director shall hold his/her position for three years.
  • Five Directors shall constitute a quorum.
  • The Board shall meet as often as in its reasonable discretion it considers appropriate.
  • Each Director shall have one vote at Board meetings and in the event of equality of voting the chairman of the meeting who shall be the Club Chairman (or, in his/her absence,whosoever shall have been appointed chairman of the meeting by the other Directors present from among their number) shall have a casting vote. Except as provided in Rule 9 all decisions of the Board shall be taken by a simple majority.
  • The Board shall have power to co-opt for any purpose consistent with the Objects other persons from within or (as it may consider appropriate) outside Members, provided that such other persons shall thereby acquire neither voting rights nor (save within the Board’s reasonable discretion) security of tenure.
  • The Board shall have the power to appoint the following:-
    • Club team captains, vice captains, managers and coaches and senior and junior development officers: all of whom shall report to the Director of Hockey or (as the case may be) the Director for Junior Hockey,
    • funding and sponsorship officer who shall report to the Chairman
    • each Director has the authority to appoint an assistant as appropriate who shall report to him/her.
  • The Board shall also be empowered to establish committees composed of its own members and/or of other persons (as described in Sub-Rule (h) above), with such procedures as it shall determine, provided that the conclusions of such committees shall not be binding on but shall constitute recommendations to, for consideration and approval/disapproval by, the Board.
  • The Board shall futher be empowered from time to time to make, vary and revoke bye-laws (insofar as consistent with these Rules) for the regulation of the internal affairs of the Club and the conduct of Members and such bye-laws for the time being in force shall be binding on all Members.
  • Every director shall act in all matters in accordance with the directions of the Board insofar as such directions shall be consistent with these Rules generally and with the Objects in particular.
  • In addition to the Board there shall be elected by simple majority at the Annual General Meeting a Club President to serve until the end of the third Annual General Meeting following his/her election. His/her principal functions and responsibilities shall be:
    • To chair General Meetings of the Club (when he/she is available to do so),
    • On request by the Board, to represent the Club on formal occasions (with or without members of the Board).
    • To tender advice to the Board either on request or on his/her own initiative when he/she considers that acts or omissions of the Club, past or proposed, are inconsistent with the Club’s good name or its reputation for sportsmanship or integrity,
    • To provide biannual appraisals of the Club Chairman’s performance. At the end of his/her first, or any subsequent, three-year term as Club President he/she shall be eligible for re-election. The Club President need not be a Member.
    • The provisions contained in Sub-Rule (d) above shall mutatis mutandis apply to the Club President.


  • The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in the month of April or May upon a date and at a time determined by the Board, and shall be called by notice of not less than 14 days published in the manner prescribed in Sub-Rule (c) below, for the following purposes:
    • To receive from the Board a report, balance sheet and statement of accounts for the preceding financial year and an estimate of the receipts and expenditure for the current year. To receive from Club team captains their respective reports in respect of the current season. To elect the Board, who shall take office immediately following the close of the Annual General Meeting.
    • Insofar as may be required under Rule 5(m), to elect the Club President,
    • To appoint the Club’s auditor for the current financial year,
    • To fix the annual subscriptions and match levies for the next financial year,
    • To decide on any resolutions which may be duly submitted to the Meeting.
  • Any Member wishing to move any resolution at the Annual General Meeting shall give notice thereof in writing to the Director of Finance not later than the fifteenth day of the immediately preceding March.
  • All notices under Sub-Rule (a) above shall be deemed to be valid if posted in a prominent position in the Club’s headquarters, and to the best of his ability the Director of Finance shall maintain such posting during the notice period in question.


  • The financial year of the Club shall be 1st July to 30th June.
  • Annual subscriptions shall be duly paid at the rate(s) and on the date(s) decided by Entitled Members in General Meeting pursuant to Rule 6 (a) (vi)
  • Entitled Members in General Meeting may from time to time give the Board power to vary the rate(s) and/or the date of such payment, within its reasonable discretion or within such parameters as such Entitled Members may decide.


The Club colours shall be:

  • For males, navy shirts and socks and white shorts or such other respective colours as the Board shall determine.
  • For females, navy shirts, navy skirts / skorts and socks or such other respective colours as the Board shall determine.


  • The Board shall have the power to reprimand, suspend or expel any Member who shall infringe any one or more of these Rules or any bye-law made pursuant to Rule 5 (k), or whose conduct shall in the Board’s opinion render him/her unfit for membership of the Club, provided that
    • the Director of Hockey (or his/her authorised assistant) shall give the Member in question at least 14 days’ written notice to attend the meeting of the Board considering his/her case, which notice shall contain particulars of the complaint made against him/her;
    • such Member shall be given adequate opportunity to answer such complaint at such meeting, which shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of natural justice; and
    • any decision to reprimand, suspend or expel such Member shall be taken by not less than two-thirds of the members of the Board who shall be present at such meeting.
  • For the avoidance of doubt it is hereby declared that a member of the Board who is himself the subject of a complaint as aforesaid shall not sit as a member of the Board when it meets to consider such complaint.
  • The Board shall have power to reinstate an expelled Member or to reduce the period of his/her suspension; such power to be exercised by not less than two-thirds of the members of the Board who shall be present at the meeting giving consideration to such reinstatement or reduction.


If the club shall pass in General Meeting, by a majority comprising two-thirds or more of the Entitled Members present, a resolution of intention to dissolve the Club, the Board shall take immediate steps to convert all of the assets of the Club into money. The proceeds of the conversion shall be used firstly to discharge all the debts and liabilities of the Club. Any balance shall be transferred to Haslemere Sports Association (registered charity No. 1002907) or, rf such transfer shall not be practicable, to any other association or organisation (whether or not with charitable status) with goals and purpose similar to those of Haslemere Sports Association.


These Rules and any bye-laws made pursuant to Rule 5 (k) may be revoked, added to or otherwise altered by a majority comprising at least two-thirds of Entitled Members present at a General Meeting of which notice has been duly given and the notice for which specifies the intention to propose the revocation, addition or other alteration and the full particulars thereof.

Signed by Isobel O’Neill – Club Chairman (2014)
Counter Signed by  Steve Rea – Club Secretary (2014)

Date – 17 March 2015


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