Club House Covid Protocols

Please see below the protocols relenvant to usage of the clubhouse

  1. Entry is via the side entrance – so go “past” the clubhouse and you will see the door. (The main stairs are for EXIT only.)
  2. Scan the CLUBHOUSE QR CODE (Available both at the top and bottom of the stairs)
  3. NOTES:
    1. This is DISTINCT from the pitch QR code
    2. ALL entrants must scan EVEN social entrants
  4. All Entrants must at ALL TIMES observe the 2m distance rule EVEN ON THE STAIRS PLEASE. (Clubhouse and pitch side have different proximity rules)
  5. Sanitise your hands at the top on the stairs using the automatic sanitiser – just place your hands under it and it dispenses the fluid.
  6. Once sanitise only then approach the bar to place your food/drink order.
  8. On completion of your order you will be given an order number.
  9. You then need to proceed to the next free waiting table (2m apart) by following the directional arrows marked on the floor.
  10. Move forward as the table in front of you becomes free. DO NOT wait with your friends / teammates for them the collect their order.
  11. Only approach the table when your order is ready for collection – again sterilise before collecting your food/drink.
  12. Once you have your order please leave the building via the marked exit route.
  13. Any plastic chairs that have been taken outside must be cleaned before they are brought back into the building.
  14. Toilets:
    1. The upstairs clubhouse toilets are restricted to Staff use (Government rule).
    2. Downstairs toilets are for general use

FINALLY we are human so please be patient – it is all new to us too.


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