Captains Teamo Responsibilities

In 2019 with the adoption of Teamo as our main method of communication, match availability and payments, the captain needs to be clear on their responsibilities and how to fulfil them within the Teamo App.  Below are the key responsibilities with links to useful instruction leaflets.  It is up to the captain to assign responsibility to complete the following:

Setting up or amending a training session for your squad

You have the ability to set up ad hoc training sessions for your squad.  The main training slots will be set up at the beginning of the season by the club but if there amendments or additions you would like to add to the slot then you can do this through the app.

Setting up a training session

Mark attendance at training and review your teams attendance

This is particularly important for the junior section but also for the adult section.  Capturing attendance provides another data point for when selecting teams and the commitment of the squad towards the club.   You will then have access to useful reports for seeing who attended training.

Marking attendance at training

Reviewing attendance for your Squad

Communicate with your Team

As the captain (or team manager) you have the ability to communicate with your team through the app.  This can be done as group chat (similar to WhatsApp),  direct message to players asking for a task to be completed (eg updating their availability) or requesting payment for subs or match fees.

Communicating by email or group chat

Chasing Match availability from your team

Match Day – Team Selection

Once availability is has been completed, the captain/manager  can then go through the process of team selection.  There are plenty of options here with the tool allowing you to create a draft selection before sending through the final selection to the team.  It also allows you to invite other players to be part of your club section by clicking the + in the top right.  If you have an occasional player, please make sure they register on Teamo before allowing them to play as this allows us to track who was at the game and manage our insurance.
Selecting your Team for Match Day
Team Sheet selection

Match Day – Marking Attendance

On Match Day, details of the game meet time, location who is selected is available through the app. If anything should change then select the event to update any details.  Once you have made changes, the app will ask if you would like notify the team of the changes hence ensuring all players due to attend are suitably notified.  Once the game is complete, there are several important activities the Captain or manager must complete to ensure we collect match fees and record the stats.  There may be other responsibilities beyond Teamo (ie recording results with Hampshire) which you will also need to complete.
Completing attendance ensures that the correct Match Fees are assigned to the players.
Marking attendance and assigning Match Fees – [LINK TBD]

Financial Health of the Club

It is the responsibility of the captain to ensure that members have paid their Subs and Match Fees.  The captains have several ways to check payment by Event or by Player.  They should regularly check outstanding payments and prompt players to ensure payment is made.  The Director of Finance will be more than happy to help you with motivational speeches!
Payment tracking – [LINK TBD]
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