Big Bash 2022 – Details & Squads Announced

With the Big Bash 2022 and end of season party only days away, we delighted to share with you an agenda for the day, squad lists and fixture list for the tournaments. 

  • 12:00 – 16:00 – Big Bash 2022 mixed tournament (Green pitch) 
  • 17:00 – Buffet (clubhouse)
  • 18:00 – Junior awards  (clubhouse)
  • 19:00 – Senior awards (clubhouse
  • 20:00 – 23:00 Music & Silent Disco (clubhouse)

Big Bash 2022 

Due to numbers, this year we have decided to split the team into two with each team getting 4 20 min games each throughout the day. Initially teams will fight it out in their pools to finish top with each playing their equivalant team in the other pool in the final games of the day. Check the lists below for a detailed squad list and find out which colour you are playing in. 

Playing rules:

  • 20 mins 1 way 
  • 7 a side + goalkeeper (8 a side if no goalkeeper) 
  • 2 umpires per game 
  • Short corners to be replaced by free hit outside or penalty shuffle (umpires discretion) 
  • Penalty strokes to be replaced by 8 second penalty shuffle
  • Team 2 gets pushback


Pool A 


Blue White Yellow Red
Arthur Beaney Vanessa Michna Laura Van Eyken Annie Hendry
Hannah Gribble Mark Purchase Ella Heffner Zac Thomas
Libby Daniels Charlie Bennett alfie richards Laura Dadswell
Imogen Quirk Celia Hall Theo Gibb Matt Field
Choi Lynn Jackson Eve Rushin Matthew Tite Chris Stokes
Daisy Ashworth Heidi Wells Tony Richards Eleanor Abrahams
Ashleigh Reabow Luke Hollis Robyn Francis Sophia Farmer
Hiedi Evans Guy van Oudtshoorn Liz Clayton Kate Cudbertson
Alex Hardy Pete Crook Leigh Regan Max Amesbury


Pool B

Blue White Yellow Red
Maddy Burnett Beth Blakeman-Shead Sarah Page
Pauline McBrown
Tim Steven Kate Hutchings Ben Field Janice Helas
Steven Rea Neil Francis Alastair Shedden
Tom Fotheringham
Abby Day Robert Grech Abi Rogers Noah Joseph
Duncan Berry Toby Spooner Zach Gibb Jacob Hall
Jeremy Lancaster Stephen Dadswell Sharon Ducker Xenia Starostina
Jack Amesbury Alex Willows Robert Kilty Mark Ellis-Cope
Emma Berry Klara Rea Hannah Enticknap Iain O Neill
Alek Knight Andrew Dodson Flo Ashworth Michelle Fussell
Max Stuart Isabella Liedtke
Suzie Kaczor




Fixture list

Pool/Pitch 1 (further from the clubhouse) 

Time Team 1 Team 2 (bibs)
12:30 A B
12:55 C D
13:20 B C
13:45 D A
14:10 C A
14:35 D B
15:00 3rd (pool 1) 3rd (pool 2)
15:30 1st (pool 1) 1st (Pool 2)

Pool 2/Pitch 2 (nearer the clubhouse) 


Time Team 1 Team 2 (bibs)
12:30 E F
12:55 G H
13:20 F G
13:45 H E
14:10 G E
14:35 F H
15:00 4th (pool 2) 4th (pool1)
15:30 2nd (Pool2) 2nd (pool 1)



We will have a number of goalkeepers on the day who will all be operating on a “freelance” basis and I am sure will be open to flattery and bribery to get them on your team! 


We have a number of volunteer umpires who will be helping out throughout the day, however we may require more so if you/your team are asked to umpire, please do so without complaint.


If you take any photos or share anything on social media, it would be great if you could take the club or use the #HHCbigbash

Any questions?

If you have any questions or spot a mistake above, please let me know on or via Whatsapp/Teamo.

Not got your tickets yet?

Tickets are still available to both the day and evening of the Big Bash and we will be updating squad lists all the way up to the day of the tournament so it is not too late for you to get involved! We look forward to seeing you there! 




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