Adult membership fee update

Please find below next seasons match fees structure:


Membership Category Subs – Early Payment* Subs – Late Payment* Match Fees Away*
Adult – Men £190 £200 £10 £7
Adult – Women £190 £200 £10 £7
18-25 £100 £105 £6 £6
Young Adult (U18 ) £100 £105 £6 £6
GK with own kit £50 £60 As appropriate As appropriate
Volunteer Coach
£115 £120 As appropriate As appropriate
Occasional Player
(4 matches, NO training)
£50 £60 As appropriate As appropriate
Back to Hockey
(NO matches)
£7 per training session N/A N/A N/A
Non-playing member £20 £30 N/A N/A

*Drivers taking at least 3 other team members pay no match fee for away games.
**Contact Andrew Dodson if you would like to arrange staged payments.

We are making the changes due to the following:

  1. For health and safety reasons (particularly post-COVID), WHSA are restricting access to the kitchen to staff only. (Historically ladies teams have provided their own teas, which unfortunately is now not an option.)
  2. We want to support WHSA as a club by generating more footfall and a reason to be at the club house. Providing high quality teas to both home and visiting sides at HHC will support us in doing this.
  3. We have been able to lower away game match fees to £7 for everyone and drivers now pay no match fee for away games. This has been made possible due to the success of Teamo in managing the club match fee finances.
  4. We are aligning with other clubs in the area by setting matches for both genders at the same cost with an equal offering. When researching other club’s memberships costs in the area, our subs and match fees are highly competitive with 50% of these clubs being more expensive than HHC.
  5. The allowance for buying beer (previously allowed for in the men’s match fees) has been removed and should now be funded by teams as required. The allowance was not used consistently across all teams with only a few benefiting. It is also not something that is provided by most oppositions. 

Matt Tite

Director of Adult Hockey

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