This is the HHC Ladies 4th XI development Squad.

League: Hampshire Division 7
Current Position: 2

Total Goals: 121

Total Cards: 3



















vs Winchester Tigers - 11 Nov 2017

Home Score: 0 - Opposition Score: 6

Match Result: Loss

Very tough game today.  We had a good team out with a few more under 16's playing this week, but could have done with a few more.  The Winchester Tigers team was made up mainly of  U16's and 3 over 40's, we were the other way around, which really showed.

Winchester right from the start had most of the possession and had really fast strong players, we were up against good passing and pace throughout the whole match.  We hardly had the ball out of our D, our defence worked tirelessly throughout the match.  Winchester played an attacking game and even had their defence past the half line most of the game. We conceded in the first half 4 goals, Annabelle did amazingly in goal as it could have easily been a lot more.

We changed the team around a bit in the second half concentrating on the gap in the middle and we played better hockey and worked more as a team.  We conceded 2 goals, and sadly had no real shots on goal ourselves.  Their defence were strong and they intercepted the ball at every opportunity.  

It was our first loss this season, but lots to work on in training and you don't learn anything from just winning.

Man of the match was Leigh Regan, who played everywhere today and gave it her all.  

vs Basingstoke 6s - 07 Oct 2017

Home Score: 5 - Opposition Score: 0

Match Result: Win

The ladies 4's were raring to go for their first league match of season after all the other ladies teams had already started a few weeks ago .  It was looking promising with a strong team from last year with two new additions to the team Gaby Evans and Karen Whitely playing for the first time.  

From the start we stayed strong with good passing and managed keep Basingstoke out of the D with a strong defence of Janice, Anna, Nikki, Liz and Gaby and managed to keep this up throughtout the whole game. The mid field worked well transporting the ball up the pitch to the forwards.  In the first half we had 3 short corners with our first one Sharon scored a goal from a deflection.  Our second goal came 10 minutes later from Leigh from a pass from the mid field from the right. 

Our second half saw Ness score from a straight strike from 2 more short corners and she scored her hat trick from another strike just on the edge of the D on the right and hit it right in the corner, the goalie didn't stand a chance, Ness was on fire.

What a great start to the season, let's hope we keep this momentum going.  Man of the man was Gaby Evans



vs Basingstoke 5s - 12 Nov 2016

Home Score: 0 - Opposition Score: 1

Match Result: Loss

This weekend's match was to mark the end of an era, as we bid farewell to Alice 'Footballer' Hunnings until next season.


So we were determined to enjoy ourselves. We hadn't won a match since early October, and Basingstoke were top of the table as we went into the match.


The team played really well throughout both halves. We were strong in defence and had some great movement in midfield and up front. However, sadly this was not enough to deliver a suitably successful goal-scoring opportunity. This was pretty frustrating alongside the fact that we didn't win any short corners, and this is an area of our game that we had really focussed on in recent training.


Basingstoke's only goal came off a very short rebound in the first half. They did find the back of the net again but the ball was too high so the goal was not awarded.


MOTM was Sharon who gratefully received her Maltesers with a short acceptance speech of "There's life in the old dog yet!". Your words Sharon, not ours!!!


Goodbye for now, Alice - enjoy your time in France. Bon voyage, bonne chance et au revoir. We really hope you come back to us in 2017. You are a superb sportswoman who has easily picked up the hockey skills and knowledge to deliver the perfect on-pitch package.